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Atua Standard sets

Atua Standard sets

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Atua Standard Chess Set

Made using specially designed resin for increased tensile strength and long-term durability. This ensures a perfect balance between details, strength, flexibility and a hard surface finish.

Each set is unique and is resin mixed by hand, so some slight variation in tone and hue may occur from set to set.

All sets include:

  • 32 Atua Standard Chess pieces 
  • 1 Rakau Chess board- Dimensions 32cm by 32cm
  • 1 Rautaki Chess board and pieces storage box

Available colour range:

  • Kōwhai
  • Waiporoporo
  • Kikorangi

Note: while these sets are crafted from a tougher resin, they can be rigid; therefore, they are prone to shattering if dropped on a hard surface. We caution that they should be regarded as a piece of art and not used for children's play or activities that involve rough handling.

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